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5th Grade Poems
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Here are some samples of diamante poems by fifth grade students studying the American Revolution:

              Benedict Arnold,
                 Brave, loyal,
Commanding, planning, leading,
   He turned to the dark side -
 Scheming, plotting, coniving,4506_103044_0.jpg       Deceitful, changed,
                   West Point

                 Brave, loyal,
  Leading, planning, inspiring,
    He crossed his country -
  Cheating, coniving, running,
         Changed, frightening,
            Benedict Arnold

The fifth grade students also wrote sensory poems, list poems, rhyming poems, and cinquains.  Here are samples:

4506_105027_2.jpg        I hear birds singing because they are happy.
        I smell leaves and trees from the woods.
        I see a bird in her nest with her little birds.
        I taste berries, which are too sweet.
        I feel scratchy bushes and leaves on the trees.

I hear owls hooting from the nest in the sky-high tree.
I taste berries, which are sour and juicy.
I feel damp, gooey moss on the tree.
I smell the trees' mossy wood.
I see birds swooping down from the trees high in the sky.

Mrs. Dietsche                                                   
She is funny.                                                           
She laughs at everything.                                       
She teaches Science about mucus.                        
She trips over herself and other things.                
She gives easy and hard homework.               
She hates cats very much.                                       
She turns up everywhere.

The Boring Things

My dog chases her tail.
My family only cleans.
My bird squawks all the time.
My homework is always math.
My tests are long.
My cousins read all the time.

                                They are furry and spotted.
                                They stand on four feet.
                                Their spots are knotted.
                                They eat lots of meat.

Lazy, chubby,
Sleeping, crying, yawning,
He likes to eat lasagna,

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