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Sixth Grade
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English Language Arts Shifts (Changes in the focus in teaching and learning)
Click on the links to view a video about each shift.

What ís Shifting?
What Parents Can Do to support
Your child will now read more non-fiction.
Read non-fiction books with your child
Reading more non-fiction will help your child learn about the world through reading.
Encourage your child to research topics that they are curious about.
Your child will read
Read challenging text with them & show them that unpacking it is
When it comes to writing or re-telling a story, your child will use ‚Äúevidence‚ÄĚ from the text to support what they say.
Ask your child to provide evidence in everyday discussions and disagreements.
Your child will
Encourage writing at home. Write together using evidence and details.
Your child will have an
Have your child look up meanings for words encountered that are unknown.
English Language Arts

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