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No Excuses University
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Welcome to the
No Excuses University
at Genesee

The staff at Genesee Elementary are excited to announce that in August 2009 Genesee was accepted as a No Excuses University.

We became part of a network of over fifty schools (now over 180) in the United States that has adopted the philosophy of "No Excuses" for academic success of students. This philosophy is based on two principles:

1.  Every child has the right to be prepared to attend college.
2.  It is the responsibility of adults in the school to develop exceptional systems that make that dream a reality.

We believe, at Genesee, that all children can succeed, regardless of the challenges they face. It is our hope that students, staff, and parents will embrace this unique endeavor. To see how each participates in this program, click here . Participation from all will ensure that every child at Genesee will have a bright future. 
As part of No Excuses University, every classroom will actively promote college readiness with the adoption of a college or university.  Banners, posters and other thematic signs are placed throughout the school as powerful symbolism.  Every Monday students wear their NEU t-shirts as they set the tone for learning throughout the week.  Friday is University Spirit Day, as students wear the colors and logos of the universities they have selected to represent their individual classrooms.

A Huge Genesee Thanks to All of Our College & University Partners!

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